Better care, better life.

Taking medicines as prescribed can save lives.

Trillìo is a portable prescription assistant which helps people to improve adherence.

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A healthy partner for everyday life.

Whenever necessary, Trillìo will remind you to take the right medicine at the right time, quickly and easily.

No user setup required, Trillìo receives all the configurations and reminders automatically.

With its portable design and long-lasting rechargeable battery, Trillìo can be by your side 24/7, whether you are traveling or on vacation.

Trillìo is beautiful, easy and connected!

Live better, stay healthy.

Trillìo connects people with Caregivers

  • Medicine reminder

  • Real time notification monitor

  • Drug refill & e-commerce

  • Create custom ringtones for reminders

  • A complete and easy tool for Caregivers

Caregivers can easily setup prescriptions and monitor patient’s progress.

How Trillìo Works


Thanks to its dedicated web app, Trillìo can be configured by a Caregiver (i.e., doctor, pharmacist or close relative) in minutes. It requires no setup by the end-user.


Thanks to its integrated SIM, Trillìo downloads reminders of the day and schedules notifications.


When it's time to take a drug, Trillìo alerts the user with a sound and a visual alarm, while showing all relevant information on its wonderful 2.7" e-paper display.

Security Check

If the user does not switch off the alarm on time, Trillìo automatically sends a notification to the Caregiver and to a family member to report the risk of the person not taking his/her medicine.

Creating great value by closing small gaps!

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