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Connecting caregivers with their patients

Taking medicines as prescribed can save lives.
Trill├Čo: an e-health digital Platform for Caregivers connected to an IoT device for patients.

  • Device designed for Seniors and Chronic Patients
  • Platform designed for health professionals and family caregivers
  • Connected medication reminder
  • Alerts Caregivers in case of problems or when medication is not taken on time
  • One click prescription refill
  • Telemedicine
  • Caregiver's Patient remote manager
  • e-Health open platform
  • Prevention analytics

Help people take care of themselves.

Improve adherence.

Prevention is better than cure,


Personal e-Health assistant


A connected medication reminder for seniors and chronic patients.

It reminds the patient to take the right medicine at the right time, quickly and easily.


If a reminder is not heeded emergency contact is alerted in real time so they can make sure everything is ok!


All configuration is done remotely by the Caregiver with their smartphone, tablet or computer.


When a prescription runs out, the patient can send a refill request with one click for home delivery.


TRILLIO is equipped with an embedded SIM card and is always synchronized and connected with Caregiver. Thanks to the Bluetooth module TRILLIO can connect to 3rd party measurement devices and send readings to the Caregiver.


Caregiver platform


E-Health platform for Caregiver and Family.

Manages medication plans and keeps TRILLIO devices synchronized.

Patient's adherence online dashboard with medication history and log.

Sends SMS and e-mail alerts to Emergency Contact whenever a medication is not taken or a potential health problem is detected.


Predictive Analytics:

TRILLIO analytics can accurately identify potential health problems in advance!

Caregivers are able to take effective and timely action to prevent dramatic consequences for their patients.


Open platform. Easy integration with 3rd party platforms for a Total e-Health and Prevention Experience.





TRILLIO is configured by a Caregiver (e.g., Doctor, Pharmacist, Hospital, Family member) in minutes. It requires no setup by the end-user.



TRILLIO is connected and always synchronized with the medication plan prepared by the Caregiver.

1-click prescription refill


Patients can get their prescriptions refilled with one click directly with TRILLIO for home delivery.

Embedded SIM Card


TRILLIO is equipped with an embedded SIM card that supports global roaming.

The list of compatible mobile networks is available here.

Custom ringtone


Ringtone can be customized remotely, i.e. record the voice of grandchildren saying "Grandma, don't forget your pill" and upload it to the grandparents' Trillio. They will love it!




Telemonitoring: thanks to BLE module TRILLIO can connect with 3rd party devices to check medical data and share it with Caregivers platform (e.g. ECG, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, glycemia)

Use cases

Early COVID-19 diagnosis

Early self-diagnosis of COVID-19 at home.

TRILLIO instructs the patient to measure their Oxygen blood saturation with a BLE monitor.

The Oxygen reading is sent to the TRILLIO Caregiver platform.

If Oxygen saturation is too low the Caregiver is notified and immediate action is taken before the onset of typical symptoms (e.g. cough, fever, etc.).

Hospital management of patients

Hospitals give TRILLIO to the patients who need to follow therapies for specific treatments (e.g. cancer, diabetes, chronic respiratory diseases, heart diseases).

The physician can verify that treatment is carried out properly and is warned in case of problems.

The TRILLIO dashboard allows the doctor to have all the relevant information on the health status of their patients.

Pharmacy service and medication e-commerce

Pharmacy services: medication plan set-up.

TRILLIO sends refill online requests to the pharmacy for home delivery.

Home elderly care services

Nursing homes and home care service providers support seniors in following their treatment plan and with prescription refills.

The specialized staff takes immediate actions in case of possible problems.

Family doctors

Family practitioners can benefit from a connected solution, and reduce the number of required office visits.

The TRILLIO platform data reading can let the doctor know when a specific test is required.

Real time check of side effects

Pharmaceutical corporations and Health institutions use TRILLIO to ask patients who are taking a specific medication if they feel any side effect. Anonymous answers are collected and used for case studies of medications.

Health insurance services

Health insurance benefits by preventing unnecessary and expensive care.

New services available for customers with activation of instant insurance products on a daily basis.

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